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Stick Trick Contest (2015)

Any Trick. Any Length Video. Be Creative. 1. Register on 2. Login into account. 3. Click "Create-Lacrosse-Post." 4. Create a Stick Trick post in the 2015 Stick Trick Contest category and add a YouTube video of your tricks. Winners Selected: (1) Best of the Best wins Bragging Rights + Powell Lacrosse Pioneer Lacrosse Head + Powell Lacrosse Shaft (2) A Random Drawing on Any Stick Trick Entry can win...

Stick Trick Contest (2015) -
STX X3 Lacrosse Head

Designed for the Midfielder who does it all: face-offs, plays defense, and scores goals. Extreme pinch design for excellent ball retention. Aggressive sidewall styling. Crankshaft 10° bend enables optimal hand positioning. Features STX's Forward Cant technology which creates a natural high pocket for maximum velocity when shooting on the run. Recessed scoop provides a straighter path into the head on ground balls.

Stx, Stx x3 -
Orion Cor Strength Lacrosse Shaft

COR STRENGTH™ Handle The unique round core is inherently stronger than any other conceivable shape. If you were going to choose the perfect shape for optimal durability and strength it would be round, not octagonal. In addition to superior strength the round core also allows the handle to flex more than metal alloys for greater head speed and measurably faster shots. ControLite™ Composite Surface Insulating and protecting the round core structure is ControLite, a light-weight r...

Orion Cor Strength, Orion Lacrosse -
Gait Ice Lacrosse Shaft (803 Ice)

Cyrogenically treated for extra strength and durability. Modified octagonal grip. Same great features of the 803 handle, with an added textured "Ice" finish. COLORS: onyx, garnet, sapphire, jade, crystal

Gait Ice, Gait Ice Shaft -
Warrior WOODROW Lacrosse Shaft

Wouldn't it be great to have a lightweight, reliable, high performance wood handle? That's why we coated our ultra lightweight Krypto Pro handle with a revolutionary graphic wrap that gives you the classic look of wood, without the weight, or the splinters.

Warrior Woodrow -
STX AXE Lacrosse Shaft

Multi-edge design provides increased strength and durability. Lightweight alloy provides a high strength-to-weight ratio.

Stx Axe, Stx Lacrosse -
Warrior Criss-Cross Lacrosse Shaft

The Warrior Criss-Cross Men's Attack Lacrosse Handle features Warrior's new Kung Fu Grip texture pattern for extra feel and improved grip. With the Criss-Cross pattern you don't need tape, which lightens your whole stick and it is just as durable as Warrior's Krypto Pro. S

Warrior, Warrior Criss Cross -
Warrior Titan Pro Kevlar Lacrosse Shaft

The Titan Pro Kevlar features all cutting edge benefits of the Titan Pro with Dupont Kevlar composite wrap. Increased structural stability, outstanding torsional rigidity and reduced vibration, means improved feel and control. Attack, Defense, and Goalie Lengths.

Warrior Titan Pro Kevlar -
Warrior SplitShaft Lacrosse Shaft

Warrior took the strength of a Krypto Pro and combined it with the flex and feel of a carbon composite to create a handle that has one serious split personality! Warrior's new split shaft has unbelievable flex that will have all you crank masters out there drooling. Also features Warrior's G.I. Joe Kung Fu Grip for unreal control and sensitivity.

Split Shaft, Splitshaft, Warrior -

Made with a proprietary blend of scandium and high performance alloys, this is the lightest shaft in the ECD Lacrosse line. The Focus features a concave shape and a sandblasted finish, which provides a natural feel and increased durability, without adding weight. Features: Optimal strength to weight ratio. Concave shape for a natural feel. Sandblasted finish for superior control. Simple, clean design for players who let their game do the talking.

East Coast Dyes, Focus, Scandium -
Brine Warp

Designed to push the limits of stick performance, the Warp utilizes the same best-selling off-set technology as its cousin the Edge but has an innovative new head design. One-year limited warranty.

Brine, Brine Warp, Warp -
Reebok Lacrosse (2013)

Image Above: Reebok Lacrosse retailer notice ceasing operations in 2013. (Source: LaxAllStars)

Reebok Lacrosse -
Lax Power (1997 to 2018) was a premier news, game schedules, historical data, and recruiting database. ------------------------------------------------ was started in 1997 by Larry Feldman, who developed and still maintains the "engine" that generates the computer ratings for college and high school teams. In 1998, Bob Kroshefsky and Dan Larsen joined LaxPower to work on college men's and women's lacrosse, respectively, and they soon took full responsibility for those areas. ...

Laxpower -
Talon Hummingbird Lacrosse Shaft

The Hummingbird is our patent pending women's lacrosse shaft. This slender new addition to Talon's line of natural hardwood composite shafts has all the features you are looking for in today's competitive game: feel, shape and performance. At first glance, it is hard to escape the natural, individual beauty of each Talon shaft. But the real beauty is beyond skin-deep. Features Shape: Kanuga grip—traditional octagon shape at both ends with a soft-triangle shape in the middle for optimum ...

Hummingbird, Talon -
Talon Grip Endcap

The Talon Grip end cap is designed to replicate an eagle’s talons clutching a lacrosse ball. It is a contemporary reproduction of the end of an Ojibwe ceremonial war club. The long sleeve on the end cap fits tight on the shaft, thereby replacing the need to use tape to secure the end cap from slipping. The spherical shape and talons provide for a maximum grip and torque. The Talon Grip end cap is a perfect complement to our high-tech wood shafts.

Endcap, Talon -
Kwik Stik Ultra Flex 750 Lacrosse Gloves

Kwik Stik Ultra Flex 750 Lacrosse Gloves KWIK STIK trademark by Lacrosse Specialties (1984)

Kwik Stik -
Brine Clutch Superlight Lacrosse Head

The Clutch Superlight gas assist molded head from Brine. Gas assist mold dramatically reduces the overall weight of the head without compromising any stiffness or durability. Designed to be light enough for attackmen but stiff enough for a face-off middie or punishing defenseman. A gradual offset forms a higher pocket and smoother release. The perfect punch provides great feel and control. Full Offset for maximum control.

Brine Superlight, Clutch Superlight -
Warrior Savage 2 Lacrosse Head

The Warrior Savage 2 Lacrosse Head features steep tapered sidewalls for a deeper pocket for easier ball control and protection. Featuring Savage's classic medium face size for both easy catching and effortless scooping. Super reinforced sidewalls provide supreme stiffness and awesome durability. Increased stringing holes allow for a multitude of pocket combinations.

Savage 2, Warrior -
Brine RP3 II Lacrosse Head

The 2nd generation of Brine's first RP3 lacrosse head, Brine added new technology. New Scoop Design with Patented Vari-Flex™ technology: Stiffer materials inserted into strategic sections of the head control flex to adapt to multiple playing styles & conditions. Strategic Core-Tech™ eliminates excess weight and adds stiffness to strategic areas of the head for more accuracy and control. Bottom Rail is designed for a Mid-Low/Low pocket for the Elite Attackmen. NFHS/NCAA Legal

Brine, Brine rp3 2 -
Matthew Etienne

Lacrosse: Keeping the game’s history alive The making of traditional, wooden lacrosse sticks is a unique art, and there is no better artisan in Canada than Mathew Etienne. For years, Etienne has sweated and toiled while honing his craft, supplying players both young and old with wooden sticks. In this CBC Television clip, Newswatch visits Etienne's Quebec workshop to see how this dedicated craftsman transforms a piece of hickory into an essential piece of accoutrement for the a...

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