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Stick Trick Contest (2015)

Any Trick. Any Length Video. Be Creative. 1. Register on 2. Login into account. 3. Click "Create-Lacrosse-Post." 4. Create a Stick Trick post in the 2015 Stick Trick Contest category and add a YouTube video of your tricks. Winners Selected: (1) Best of the Best wins Bragging Rights + Powell Lacrosse Pioneer Lacrosse Head + Powell Lacrosse Shaft (2) A Random Drawing on Any Stick Trick Entry can win...

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Gait Silencer Lacrosse Head

Cork screw less fit system. Can easily be taken on and off the handle without the need of any tools. Patented, integrated lace channels make picking up groundballs very easy. Additional stringing holes offer different stringing options.

Gait, Gait Silencer -
Gait Preformed Mesh

Patented Preformed Mesh Design Patent Pending Packaging Retains Pocket Regulate During Shipping Patent Pending Sewn-over Top Row Improves Ease Of Stringing Pre-strung Shooting String Reduces Stringing Time

Gait, Gait Preformed Mesh -
Gait Showtime Lacrosse Head

Designed to meet new 2010 NCAA and NFHS specifications: · Stream Lined Scoop Shape improves ability to scoop through grass and artificial turf. · Cork Screw-less Fit System allows handle to be quickly taken on and off without the use of tools. · Tight Profile narrows the pocket shape to improve ball control, retention and accuracy. · Patent Pending Recessed Lace Channels in the back of the scoop improves ground ball pick-up. · Multi Hole Stringing System allows for multiple stri...

Gait, Gait Showtime -
DeBeer Tempest Fingerless Women's Lacrosse Gloves

Recent Fingerless Design Allows For Protection Where Needed. Improved Feel And Control With Fingers Features. Washable Palm For Enhanced Grip And Feel. Dual Closure System Allows You To Get The Prefect Fit. Available Color: Black Only

Debeer, Debeer Gloves -
Gait Flow Lacrosse Head

Gait Lacrosse Flow Head offers a tight profile which narrows the pocket shape for improved ball control, retention, and accuracy. The patented, recessed lace channels on the back of the scoop make picking up groundballs a lot easier. Designed to meet new 2010 NCAA specifications.

Gait, Gait Flow -
Gait Fuel Lacrosse Head

-Maximum offset for better control and feel. -Mid drop V scoop for better accuracy. -Wear tabs on the scoop to protect the nylon. -Multi hole stringing system supports.

Fuel, Gait Feul -
Gait Lacrosse - The Icon

Top load offset provides ultimate feel when developing skills. Exceptional durability and strength-to-weight ratio.

Gait, Gait Icon -
Harrow Variable Men's Lacrosse Head

Lightweight, stiff rail design for strength and multi position versatility. Extreme ball cant technology for unreal ball control and pocket placement.

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Brine Lacrosse The Prophecy

Control-X helps players catch, cradle, throw and shoot more effectively. Available in white with Control-X Clear or Royal with Rail.

Brine, Brine Prophecy -
Brine Lacrosse - The Interceptor

The Interceptor: Goalie hand shield to protect from thumb and hand damage.

Brine, The Interceptor -
Major Indoor Lacrosse League Poster (1993)

Major Indoor Lacrosse League Poster (1993) Buffalo Bandits Coors Light Poster

Indoor Lacrosse, Mill -
Harrow H2 Lacrosse Head

Its precision design and expert attention to detail offers incredible ball control, reinforced sidewall strength, multiple pocket variations and exceptional scooping range. Strung version comes with our new Hard Mesh pocket.

Harrow, Harrow h2 -
COMLAX Closing - 2018

TSG Enterprises, LLC, focusing on Hockey, reduces their exposure to the lacrosse market.

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Adidas Versa Lacrosse Head (Mh.309)

Adidas Versa Lacrosse Head features an open scoop shape that provides for easy ground balls, throwing, and catching. The Adidas(r) Mid-Set (tm) design provides the advantages and feel of an offset head while allowing the ball to sit higher in the pocket for a quick and accurate release. It's generally matched with an MS .309 attack handle in a classic octagonal shape.

Adidas, Adidas Versa Head -
Adidas John Grant Jr. Lacrosse Head

Signature series NCAA Compliant Features Adidas radical off-axis technology 5 oz. makes it super light 68 stringing holes for ultimate customization. Aggressive scoop allows superior accuracy and velocity while increasing groundball control. Top of the line head Adidas lacrosse head Grant Signature lacrosse head NCAA Compliant. Retail's $99.99

Adidas, John Grant Jr -
Adidas MH.210 Lacrosse Head

Adidas Excel MH.210 Head is NCAA compliant. Adidas radical off-axis technology. Increase in the available stringing holes which allows each player more opportunity to customize their head the way they like it. Rigid sidewall and scoop provide excellent control and accuracy. Great for face-offs and defenders.

Adidas, Adidas mh210 -
STX X3 Lacrosse Head

Designed for the Midfielder who does it all: face-offs, plays defense, and scores goals. Extreme pinch design for excellent ball retention. Aggressive sidewall styling. Crankshaft 10° bend enables optimal hand positioning. Features STX's Forward Cant technology which creates a natural high pocket for maximum velocity when shooting on the run. Recessed scoop provides a straighter path into the head on ground balls.

Stx, Stx x3 -
Orion Cor Strength Lacrosse Shaft

COR STRENGTH™ Handle The unique round core is inherently stronger than any other conceivable shape. If you were going to choose the perfect shape for optimal durability and strength it would be round, not octagonal. In addition to superior strength the round core also allows the handle to flex more than metal alloys for greater head speed and measurably faster shots. ControLite™ Composite Surface Insulating and protecting the round core structure is ControLite, a light-weight r...

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