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Stick Trick Contest (2015)

Any Trick. Any Length Video. Be Creative. 1. Register on 2. Login into account. 3. Click "Create-Lacrosse-Post." 4. Create a Stick Trick post in the 2015 Stick Trick Contest category and add a YouTube video of your tricks. Winners Selected: (1) Best of the Best wins Bragging Rights + Powell Lacrosse Pioneer Lacrosse Head + Powell Lacrosse Shaft (2) A Random Drawing on Any Stick Trick Entry can win...

Stick Trick Contest (2015) -
Matthew Etienne

Lacrosse: Keeping the game’s history alive The making of traditional, wooden lacrosse sticks is a unique art, and there is no better artisan in Canada than Mathew Etienne. For years, Etienne has sweated and toiled while honing his craft, supplying players both young and old with wooden sticks. In this CBC Television clip, Newswatch visits Etienne's Quebec workshop to see how this dedicated craftsman transforms a piece of hickory into an essential piece of accoutrement for the a...

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Gait Polar Ice Lacrosse Shaft

Gait Polar Ice Lacrosse Shaft arrives in 30 and 60 inch length and features a unique white finish, a silver logo, and limited production. The Gait Polar Ice Lacrosse Shaft features high-strength, extremely light C555 alloy with a satin grip finish. Exclusively sold at Lacrosse Unlimited (Retail Store)

Gait Polar Ice Lacrosse Shaft -
Gait Recon Pro Lacrosse Glove

The Recon Pro Lacrosse Glove is equipped with with a PC over foam construction throughout the lacrosse glove that protects your hand from high impact. The hinged fingers and thumbs, and the multiple breaks of the hand, allow for increased flexibility. The seamless Nash palm and elastic finger gussets enable a soft and comfortable feel. The sub cuff features a Velcro closure for more flexibility on his wrist. Advantages of the Recon Pro Lacrosse Glove: PC over foam construction...

Gait Recon Pro, Lacrosse Glove -
Gait Recon Lacrosse Gloves

Gait Recon Lacrosse Gloves feature a lightweight design and increased mobility with the multi-flex cuff. Recon lax gloves are perfect for high school and college lacrosse players. Patented Flared Multi-Flex cuff provides unmatched wrist flexibility without sacrificing protection. Palm fit adjustable strap allows for a comfortable fit no matter what size of hand. New Air Vents allow for maximum airflow to keep hands cool and dry. Goalie Thumb Receptacle allows for quick...

Gait Recon, Lacrosse Gloves -
Warrior Grippy Lacrosse Ball

WARRIOR GRIPPY BALL Official ball of MLL and Team USA Available in three packs: Official MLL Orange, Yellow and White THE EVOLUTION OF BALLS Warrior's new, patent pending Grippy Ball enhances performance by increasing friction between the ball and the pocket. The ball's textured surface grips your pocket during cradling, throwing, and catching. The result is more control of the ball when stick-handling and more accurate passes and shots when the ball...

Grippy Ball, Warrior -
Warrior Powermaster Training Handle Attack

Weight is approx. 4 Lbs. Great to build strength for a faster shot and faster throw! A must for a player with a slow shot!

Warrior, Warrior Powermaster -
Brine Grippy Lacrosse Ball

Enhances performance by increasing friction between ball and pocket. Textured surface grips pocket during cradling, throwing, and catching resulting in more ball control when stick-handling for more accurate passes and shots.

Brine, Grippy Ball -
Gait Oracle Lacrosse Head

Patent pending new shortened comfort grip throat allows your hand to be closer to the ball for more control. Patent pending curved sidewalls allow for a larger catching area and increased ball control. Maximum canted offset. Extremely Durable. Mid-V scoop for quick release and accuracy. Multi-hole pocket attachment system allows for the stringing of unlimited pocket styles.

Gait Oracle -
DeBeer: The Web Lacrosse Goalie Head

Designed with the Box Goalie in mind, DeBeer (Gait) Web is the most widely used goalie head in the NLL. The downward angle, and squared shape increases the save area. The inside support ribs allow for an over-sized head while still maintaining stiffness and durability. Specs: 11.5" wide (widest catching area width)12.75" wide (widest width including side flares)16.5" long (tip of head to ball stop). Inside support ribs allow for over-sized head while maintaining stiffness. Flat...

Debeer Web, Gait Web -
STX Guardian Goalie Head

Elastomer-overmolded nylon eliminates ball rattle and spin in the pocket for improved control. Wide open sidewall design for reduced weight and wind resistance. Downsloping sidewalls improve passing accuracy and ball control. Streamlined scoop makes loose balls easier to snag.

Stx, Stx Guardian -
Reebok 11K Lacrosse Head

The Reebok 11K Lacrosse Head has experienced weight reduction, compared to the 10k, using unique throat and side wall designs which eliminated unnecessary material. With the shooter in mind the Reebok 11K Lacrosse Head is channeled or pinched for accuracy. The added feature of the pro-offset provides an optimum load when shooting. The Reebok 11K Lacrosse Head rigid sidewalls and scoop have been optimized for a large number of stringing options. Meets NCAA and NFHS specifications.

Reebok, Reebok 11k -
REEBOK 10K 5.0.5 Lacrosse Head

The Reebok 10k 5.0.5 head is the first of its kind with speed ports in the scoop allowing the stick to travel faster translating to harder shots. The Pro-Offset allows for better ball control and protection while giving the optimum load for shooting. Stringing channels in the speed ports allow for unobstructed stringing. Rounded scoop design ensures easy ground ball pick ups. Multiple string holes so you can get as creative as you like with your stringing jobs.

Reebok, Reebok 10k 505 -
STX Turbo Lacrosse Head

The STX Turbo Lacrosse Head features open, re-enforced sidewalls for lightweight play and strength. The STX Turbo underwent many improvements over product generations starting in the early 1990s. Weight range from 156g to 164g.

Stx, Stx Turbo -
Major League Lacrosse (Launching a league, September 12, 2001)

Launching a league David Morrow '93 takes a shot with pro lacrosse David Morrow '93 arrived at the first game in Major League Lacrosse history with little fanfare, handing over a ticket and passing through the turnstile just like the other 5,952 fans did June 7 at Homewood Field in Baltimore. For league cofounder Morrow and the rest of the MLL's staff and players, there were no limos to the game, no red-carpet arrivals - make no mistake, life in an upstart professional sports league is a...

Major League Lacrosse, Mll -
STX Lacrosse Knot Mesh

STX-exclusive knotted construction delivers superior control and ball feel. Knotted construction reduces the stretch of the pocket, maintaining consistency and reliability of the pocket. Nine-diamond mesh construction.

Knot Mesh, Stx -
Shamrock 'The Rock' Lacrosse Head

Shamrock's unique head design provides the most accurate, highest velocity lacrosse sticks available today. OFFSET DESIGN: Increases leverage, maximizing the ball's speed at the release point. POWERWING: These sidwall wings channel the ball for more accurate shooting and passing. A unique offset design which adds leverage, thus increasing shot velocity an average of 8% in independent tests. Features: Deepest legal pocket Great stick for face-offs Powerwing sidewall design...

Shamrock Lacrosse, Shamrock Rock -
Shamrock Assassin Lacrosse Head

Dominant face-off stick. Narrow sidewalls for greater accuracy. Virtually unbreakable head. Offset configuration.

Shamrock Assassin -
Maverik Spider Lacrosse Head

The Maverik Spider 17 Lacrosse Head White Unstrung is designed for offensive players and features a narrow throat for maximum ball control. The aggressive ramp provides an excellent ball position for fast and accurate shots. The many stringing holes of the Spider 17 enable the player to customize the pocket in various ways. Additionally this lacrosse head meets the NFHS specifications. Advantages of the Maverik Spider 17 Lacrosse Head: Designed for offensive players. Narrow...

Maverik Spider -
Ron "Groucho" MacNeil

Ron MacNeil has the distinction of being the all-time leading goal scorer in the history of box lacrosse in Canada. The list that includes fifty players begins with the inception of the box game in 1932 and is updated annually. Ron leads with 868 goals in 389 contests of regular season play. It is compiled by Wampsbible of Lacrosse website. That statistic speaks for itself and his longevity as an active player from 1962 to 1998 is a testament to his durability and love of the sport. ...

Ron Macneil, Switch Shooter -