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Brine RP3 X - Rob Pannell

RP3 HEAD The All-Time NCAA Points Leader worked directly with the Brine team to create a head to do the one thing Pannell does better than anyone – put points on the board! The Pannell head is reinforced with Brine's strategic Core-Tech sidewall design. Core-Tech design has precision-engineered depths in the sidewall to control the amount of flex and cut weight. With a tight face shape, the RP3 X gives great ball control in the pocket and a consistent channel...

Brine rp3 X, Rob Pannell rp3 -
AK Savo Mesh

AK Savo Mesh - Mesh Products created by Bob Savage. #aksavo

Ak Savo, Savo Mesh -
Mike Sergi - Canton, NY

Defense for Canton Central (1996-1998) and SUNY Canton (1998 - 2000). Play summer box and field. Lead contact for the Sergi Lacrosse Team.

Canton, Sergis, Suny Canton -
Tradmesh - Warrior Evolution X

Tradmesh has been described as having the hold and feel of a traditional pocket with the smooth release of mesh. Additionally Tradmesh is highly customizable not only for wild colors but pocket position and release preferences that elite players desire.

Evo X, Tradmesh, Warrior Evolution X -
STX Super Power Head - String King Mesh

The STX Super Power is a lightweight head with excellent string-ability. Inside is String King's Sushi Mesh 1X Kit in Carolina Blue for a Mid-High Pocket.

Stx Super Power, Super Power -
Breast Cancer Head

This Brine head was dyed and strung for Nancy Cole. It was presented to her on the ten year anniversary of her mother Marilyn Cole's passing from breast cancer. Marilyn fought a very rare form of inflammatory breast cancer. This type of cancer is very aggressive disease in which cancer cells block lymph vessels in the skin. Inflammatory breast cancer progresses very rapidly, often in a matter of weeks or months.    Nancy and her family are active in the fight against cancer and...

Breat Cancer, Cancer Awareness, Pink Lacrosse Head -
Rock-it Pocket Lax

ROCK-IT POCKET TALK – BAM! - Flip Naumburg WHO WE ARE Rock-it Pocket has always tried to maintain the reputation that emerged and grew from its original model. That foundation was built on the simple but important values of quality and quality control.  The motto/mantra we have always used consists of just 4 words. They are, in no particular order, Accuracy, Dependability, Consistency, and Durability.  These are the pocket-making concepts that we have always lived by and...

Custom Stringing, Rock It Pocket -
Lax Rax - Handcrafted Lacrosse Stick Holders

About LaxRax My name is Pat Chaney: I am Native American, with a passion for woodworking and a passion for lacrosse. In 2008 I combined my passions to create LaxRax as a means of re-introducing the aspect of respect as pertains to our lacrosse sticks. Back in the days when baaga'adowe was played as a medicine game, sticks were blessed and treated with care and respect. These days, now that they're made of metal & plastic, not so much so. In my own way, I am attempting to provide a...

Handcrafted, Lacrosse Stick Holders, Lax Rax -
Evo 3 Crossfire Traditional

This Warrior Evo 3 head is strung with a Crossfire Pocket. The Crossfire's unique X channel prevents the center leathers to seperate. This feature creates fast releases for hard shots. Adjustable hold is created by loosing or tighting the outside synthetic runners that replace the traditional outside leathers.

Crossfire, Evo 3, Traditional -
Tradmesh Lacrosse Head

Tradmesh was designed by Coach Dave White, a life long student and player of lacrosse. Tradmesh incorporates the "Best of Both Worlds", mesh and traditional, and is therefore a patent pending design. The Tradmesh that Coach David White has created comes from his Native American heritage with lacrosse and as a top ambassador of the sport.   Tradmesh has been described as having the hold and feel of a traditional pocket with the smooth release of mesh. Additionally Tradmesh is highly...

Tradmesh, Tradmesh Lacrosse, Tradmesh Original -
THE CLASSIC POCKET by Rock-it Pocket

THE CLASSIC POCKET by Rock-it Pocket – Middle pocket   The Rock-it Pocket Classic is a lacrosse pocket that combines the strength and adaptability found in planed strips of leather with extremely durable woven polyester string, and together they form a customized mid-head pocket system that embodies the Rock-it Pocket four-part pocket performance mantra: Accuracy, Consistency, Durability, and Dependability.  The Classic Rock-it Pocket uses the center of the head as the...

Custom Rock It Pocket, Rock It Pocket -
Warrior Evo 4 -Traditional 6 Diamond

This Warrior Evo 4 (High school legal) is strung up with an all white 6 diamond classic white traditional.

Evo 4, Traditional, Warrior Evo 4 -
Warrior Rabil X - Pita Pocket

This Warrior Rabil X (College legal) is strung with a classic Pita pocket. The twisted center channel allows for good hold on the ball and makes for a symetrical traditional pocket.

Pita Pocket, Rabil X, Warrior Rabil X -