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Warrior Nitro Glove (1997)

The time has come. Protective equipment design has remained unchanged for almost two decades due to lack of competition in the industry, lack of player input and lack of creativity. As we enter the third millennium, Warrior proudly introduces the Nitro Glove, the first of the Millennium Protective Gear series. The Nitro Glove represents a completely new way of looking at protective equipment. First, consider the structural design. The Nitro Glove was painstakingly designed to follow the...

Warrior Nitro Glove -
Warrior Cobra Lacrosse Head

The world's first curved lacrosse head, the Cobra. The Cobra was designed with Warrior's exclusive contour control system. The "step"-back improves ball control during one handed cradling - a significant advantage. The curved sidewall allows for the deepest legal pocket possible. The 50° raised scoop dominates ground balls. The Cobra's revolutionary design has changed the game of lacrosse forever. The Classic / the world's first curved head. Proprietary contour control system. Patented ...

Warrior, Warrior Cobra -
Warrior Diablo Lacrosse Head

Created to enhance your game, the Diablo is the next heatwave in lacrosse heads. Features include raised turf levelers for better scooping , maximum sidewall width, Warrior patented curved design, accu-curve scoop, beveled leather holes, flared opening, channeled sidewall lacing groove and WARRIOR'S step-back design. Maximum sidewall width / unparalleled ball retention. Lowered scoop offers advanced release point. Reinforced lower sidewall rib / maximum stiffness. Ultra-lightweight...

Warrior, Warrior Diablo -
Warrior Predator Lacrosse Head

Warrior's Hunter-Seeker! Designed for the aggressive player, the Predator will not stop until you do. The Predator is equipped with Warrior's patented curved head, accu-curved scoop, revolutionary pocket directional geometry, beveled leather holes, raised turf levelers, channeled sidewall lacing groove, lower supporting rib and a lowered scoop. Don't be it's prey! 2" Sidewall / ultimate pocket depth. Accu-Drive scoop / maximum catching area. Patented "Step" Back design. Patented...

Warrior, Warrior Predator -
Warrior Scorpion Lacrosse Head

Continuing with our relentless research has delivered the next member of the Warrior high-performance head family, the Scorpion. This radically new concept naturally tracks the ball to the throw string, giving the feel of a cambered stick without the player having to alter the construction of the equipment. The first time a player tries the Scorpion they will feel the difference. It really works! Remember that this is high performance technology and is designed for upper level intermediate to...

Warrior, Warrior Scorpion -
Warrior Whiplash Titanium

Warrior Whiplash Titanium The Whiplash is an innovative design that creates the performance of a cambered shaft for extra shooting power.

Warrior, Warrior Whiplash -
Warrior Rabil Endo Accessory

Designed with Paul Rabil to mimic how he tapes his stick. Creates a large landing area to allow for more pull through your shot. Expands into the handle for a secure fit.

Rabil Endo -
Stringing tips from Paul Gait (2003)

2003 Instructional Issue - Stringing tips from Paul Gait Let me start by saying I’m a traditionalist at heart, or as some might say nowadays, an old-school guy. I’ve rarely used mesh pockets, and when I have, it hasn’t always gone well. The problem stems from my first Final Four appearance my freshman year at Syracuse when I was using a stick with a new pocket. We were playing Cornell and I was sent in early and told by head coach Roy Simmons to go to the goal. I got in, made my move and h...

Paul Gait -
Brine Harpoon Lacrosse Head

Modified Offset design maximizes ease of use and performance at all positions. Pyramid shaped rails provide excellent stiffness and durability at a low weight. Modified pinch provides a narrow pocket for ball control with a large catching area. Available in white, navy and scarlet soft mesh.

Brine Harpoon, Brine Lacrosse -
Warrior Blade Lacrosse Head

Superlight offset head: · Gradual sidewall taper for smooth release and shooting precision. · Inward angle sidewall for control and accuracy. · Outward flaring face for improved catching. · Improved scoop design for easier scooping and increased stiffness. · Reinforced throat for strength and durability. · Available in white only.

Warrior Blade -
STX Liquid Lacrosse Head

Designed for the offensive player, the Liquid features a floating sidewall. When you cradle with this, not only with your stringing sway but so will the sidewall making it great for ball retention. The unique throat design plugs into the shaft making the throat appear shorter. First ever head/shaft interface. STX Forward Cant for strong power cradling and quick release. Innovative and revolutionary floating sidewall design combines the tactile and responsive elastomer inner surface...

Stx, Stx Liquid -
STX Proton Lacrosse Head

Forward Pocket Cant™ for quickest release. · Streamlined scoop reduces drag. · Narrow stop area improves ball retention. · Extreme open sidewall improves aerodynamics and reduces ball rattle.

Stx, Stx Proton -
Brine F10 PowerGrip Attack Lacrosse Shaft

The Brine F10 Powergrip Lacrosse Shaft makes a great starter shaft. Made of 6000 series Aluminum, the F10 also features the powergrip for extra stick control. The F10 PowerGrip is perfect for beginners and middle school lacrosse players. High quality 6000 series aluminum Anodized finish for less weight and increased durability Patent-pending Power Grip for extra control 45,000 psi Available in Silver, Red, Attack only

Gait Thrust Lacrosse Head

Comes with upgraded 7050 alloy handle. Patent pending recessed lace channels in the scoop allow for easy stringing and improved ground ball pick up. Flared bottom sidewall allows for a super tight pocket without the ball sticking on the sidewall lace. Tight pocket shape allows for maximum ball retention. Drop-V scoop channels the pocket allowing for improved accuracy and a quicker release point.

Gait Lacrosse, Gait Thrust -
Warrior Evo Pro X6 Lacrosse Head

Revolutionary, tighter head pattern giving it better ball control than any head on the market. Increased offset sidewalls, patented flared sidewall enhance cradling and ball protection. Contoured scoop for effortless groundballs. Double Bar Offset gives you the most offset in the game and also controls flex in the head. For NCAA use only.

Evo Pro x6, Warrior Evo Pro x6 -
Warrior Levitation Titanium Lacrosse Shaft

The Levitation handle has been heralded as the lightest and strongest titanium handle on the planet. Made from aerospace and military grade titanium, this metal is becoming so rare that we can only offer this handle in the attack length. The ultimate in strength to weight ratio of 155,000 psi it represents the best of the best, the Titan Levitation. Features: 224 Grams Octo Grip 2007 - 2008 Model Shown $214.99

Levitation, Warrior Titan Levitation -
ADIDAS Excel MH.209 Lacrosse Head

The Excel MH.209 head comes with a mid-set design that provides the advantages and feel of an offset head while allowing the ball to sit higher in the pocket for a quick and accurate release. Features include: strong and rigid stiffened head design, multiple stringing holes for custom pockets, and throat shape and moderate scoop shape for balancing ground balls, throwing and catching. Ideal for the performance player or midfielder.

Adidas Excel, mh209 -
Adidas adiSTRIKE Titanium Attack Lacrosse Shaft

Adidas adiSTRIKE Titanium Attack Lacrosse Shaft: Performance Titanium with higher strength to weight ratio than most alloys. Unique asymmetric concave design delivers unmatched control while cradling due to ergonomic shape. Unique Adidas graphic combinations.

Adidas, Adistrike Titanium -
Adidas adiSTRIKE MH.109 Head

The AdiStrike MH.109 head is great for developing players. Features a wider throat and flatter scoop shape make catching passes and retrieving ground balls a snap. Adidas Mid-Set™ design provides the feel of a traditional offset head while allowing the ball to sit higher in the pocket for a quick and accurate release.

Adidas, mh109 -
Reebok Black Lacrosse Equipment

Reebok Black Lacrosse Equipment, extremely lightweight, sleek and durable lacrosse protectives. The Black line was designed and engineered for the Elite Lacrosse player. The pads are all made from super lightweight EPP foam sandwiched in-between layers of breathable textile. Carbon Lite is one of the lightest and most impact resistant protection materials in the industry; it is comprised of hard shell pieces of molded carbon fiber backed with EVA for extreme protection in areas in need of it....

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