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Gait Torque 3 Lacrosse Head

Designed to meet NCAA and NFHS specifications. Inside control tabs improve ball retention during cradling. Inside stringing tabs with inverted v shape provides the narrowest allowable pocket for NCAA play. Multi hole stringing system allows for multiple stringing patterns. Drop-V-scoop channels the pocket allowing for improved accuracy and a quicker release point. Canadian pinched profile does not meet NFHS or NCAA specs.

Gait, Gait Torque 3 -
Gait Matter Lacrosse Head

Light weight, Open side wall maximizes strength to weight. Early off set, Moderate scoop. Vertical sidewalls at center point for added strength. Available colors: white and black

Gait, Gait Matter -
Gait Chaos Lacrosse Head

Patent pending curved sidewalls offer improved ball retention and catching ability. Unique, canted offset design and shortened throat allows for a deep, secure pocket. The triple ribbed construction provides a superior weight-to-strength ratio. Multi-hole string system allows for unlimited pocket styles.

Chaos, Gait Chaos -
Gait Havoc Lacrosse Head

Top-loaded offset design for traditional ball retention. Triple Ribs: Improves strength-to-weight ratio. Shortened Throat: Provides better control.

Gait Havoc, Havoc -
Warrior Cobra X Lacrosse Head

The best of the best is back with the Cobra X lacrosse head. Warrior took their classic design and added the insert molded throat for stiffness and control. The raised ball stop helps prevent the ball from being dislodged in the pocket giving the player improved ball retention. The longer head shape allows for the ball to stay in contact with the mesh for a greater amount of time which generates more power on the shot. Patented insert molding technique was used to stiffen and reinforce the...

Cobra X, Warrior -
Warrior Stiffi Lacrosse Head

Welcome to the future of lacrosse with the world's first Titanium reinforced head. Stiffness matters!! Every time you shoot, pass, or throw a check you put stress on your head causing it to flex side to side. The Stiffi head has a titanium rod infused directly into it, which prevents the head from torquing and twisting during play. More accuracy, more power and quicker recover, the new Stiffi is putting the competition to shame. The head has a window so you can actually see the Titanium....

Warrior, Warrior Stiffi -
STX G-Force Lacrosse Head (2nd Generation)

Developed in collaboration with Gary Gait, the most powerful force in lacrosse. Elastometer-overmolded nylon teeth eliminate ball rattle and spin in the pocket for improved control. Over-molded angled sidewall arches increase ball retention and allow for the maximum in-pocket swing for stronger cradling. Multiple string hole configuration allows for customization of the pocket to fit every player's needs. Braced head design is stiff and strong for maximum response in the...

Stx, Stx G Force -
STX Arrow Lacrosse Head

Created by STX to conform to NCAA rules while having a narrow pinch. Back when the head originally came out, players were pinching their heads for Box Lacrosse, which is where the idea was brought to life. STX made the head six inches wide at the top towards the scoop to meet regulations while having a narrow throat that players wanted. The shape of the head has said to be similar to a Chenango Top String. The head production was limited due to lack of popularity.

Stx, Stx Arrow -
STX Vector Lacrosse Head

2" high sidewall for maximum pocket depth. Innovative design provides offset feel with traditional throwing motion. Pinched pocket area for tremendous ball control.

Stx, Stx Vector -
STX Professor Lacrosse Head

Designed specifically for the college game Built to minimum specifications for NCAA rules. Improved strength along bottom rail. Lightweight head with sleek, streamlined design. Multiple stringing holes provides easier stringing. Forward Cantâ„¢

Stx, Stx Professor -

The Pro Z helmet sets a new industry standard for performance, style and comfort. The pro style mask offers unparalleled vision quality for the serious player. The CAD designed, linear molded visor and chin piece scream with style. It is the lightest helmet in the line. The new design also incorporates the exclusive Bucktex liner system. The entire interior of the helmet is lined with this moisture management, wicking material that keeps you cool and dry. It's also treated to be anti-fungal and...

Pro Z Lacrosse Helmet, Titanium Mask -
Warrior BIG NASTY Goalie Head

Warrior BIG NASTY Goalie Head Innovative design: Ultra lightweight Offset. Open sidewall for a deep pocket. Cradling control Blocker Panels for maximum stopping area. Blocker Panels for maximum stopping area. Anatomical throat design for optimal feel and control when stopping shots. Reinforced sidewall for ultimate stiffness and durability.

Big Nasty, Goalie, Warrior -
Under Armour Judgment Lacrosse Head

"Glide Scoop Technology" reduces resistance when scooping on multi-turf. Sidewall design creates rigidity for super-stiff performance. Designed for defense. Mid-Low bottom rail configuration/Level 2 bottom rail.

Judgement, Ua Judgement -
McKenney Box Pads: CA 9000 Pro CAT #3 Chest/Arm Padding

CA 9000 Pro Cat. #3 LAX Chest & Arm padding is designed to give the serious lacrosse goalie the ultimate in light weight, comfort, mobility and protection. True NLL style chest pad featuring HD/LD Laminated foam blocks for maximum impact protection. Arm design features full wrap forearm and bicep caps that are compression moulded with 2 layers of closed cell cross-linked foam and a layer of air-cell foam for ultimate arm protection. Dual-adjustable contoured plastic shoulder caps...

Mckenney Box Pads -
Maverik Speed Ball Bag

Gently Secures And Protects Your Balls, No Matter How Many You Have... Speaking Of Which, This Is Called A Speed Bag, But, You Know, Travel Safely With Them. Thank You. It's A Ball Bag - Holds Your Balls!

Maverik, Maverik Speed Ball Bag -
Warrior Spyne Lacrosse Head

(After 1 year in production, Warrior has decided to discontinue the Spyne series of lacrosse heads. The Spyne meets both NFHS and NCAA specifications.) "The Warrior Spyne Lacrosse Head is made with "TEK 9". This state of the art, high performance blend is more resistant to heat and less likely to break down and become soft while you are playing. The Spyne jewel logo molded directly into the throat shows your head is ultra stiff and puts regular lacrosse heads to shame." Features a...

Warrior, Warrior Spyne -
Brine Encore X Lacrosse Head

The Brine Encore X Superlight is Brine's first head which features dual technology with the 2-Shot mold process and NOZ technologies. Brine used strategic placement of NOZ that allows this head to join the superlight family of heads. The Encore X Superlight features reverse 2-Shot color scheme. TruOffset allows for maximum hold and accuracy. The Encore X Superlight meets NFHS and NCAA requirements.

Brine, Brine Encore X -

Head designed to give players more hold with a deeper, higher sitting pocket. Perfect for players who want more power on their release. Maximum Offset angled sidewall allows the ball to sit closer to the scoop without needing to worry about the pocket being Illegal. Open air sidewall makes this head extremely light weight without hurting its overall strength. Multiple sidewall holes for pocket customization.

Brine, Witness X -
Under Armour Charge Head

Tapered silhouette improves ball rentetnion in the lower pocket. Scoop design offers durability. Moderate scoop angle for easy ground ball pickup and pocket shape. Multi-hole stringing system.

Charge, Under Armour Charge -
Gait Asylum Lacrosse Head

Gait Asylum Lacrosse Lax Head: Multi Hole Stringing System allows for multiple string patterns. Curved Sidewall for increased ball retention. Shortened Throat for better control. Boasts a mid-drop V-shaped scoop for max accuracy.

Gait, Gait Asylum -