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Shamrock Lacrosse Optic Pro Goggles

The Shamrock lacrosse optic pro goggles offer an over-the-glasses design that allows you to wear your glasses while practicing or playing in a game. They're designed with an anti-fog coating and air vents for clear vision and cheek cushioning to provide a comfortable fit. Features Anti-fog coating Cheek cushioning Air vents

Shamrock Lacrosse -
Onondaga: The Lacrosse Stick Makers

An Onondaga father and son make lacrosse sticks in the traditional way. Filmmaker Jack Ofield writes "Lacrosse Stick Maker features Alfie Jacques and his father, Lou Jacques. Alfie was in his early 20s when I filmed him. He is seen actually making the stick. His father is seen lacing up the leather." Film by: Jack Ofield Produced by Jack Ofield Cinematographer: Richard Francis, Jack Ofield Sound: Editing: Jack Ofield Copyright: 1973, Jack Ofield 06...

Alf, Jacques Onondaga
Brine Clutch X

Brine: The most popular Brine head of all time. Patented TruOffset design allows you to maximize pocket depth for greater shot power. Multiple string holes paired with a steady sidewall transition allows for multiple pocket positions and a smooth release.

Brine, Clutch -
NuTLC Woman's Lacrosse - England

The Newcastle upon Tyne Lacrosse Club established a women's section in 2009. We welcome all types of lacrosse players from veterans to new players, as well as volunteers who just want to help out in any way. The NuTLC women's section offers coaching to new players, and our players are involved in the NuTLC Community Projects in local schools.    We are also interested to hear from nearby universities and schools who have girls who want to play more lacrosse in the only...

Newcastle, Nutlc -
Newcastle Knights - England

he NuTLC men's team, also known as the Newcastle Knights, competes in the North of England Men's Lacrosse Association. The team was founded in 2008, and in the 2008-2009 season they finished third in NEMLA Division 5, narrowly missing out on a promotion spot and losing to a strong Leeds team in the Nigel Wayne Trophy Final.    After losing a few players and gaining some new ones in the off season, the Knights started the 2009-2010 season at full pelt, beating Norbury B by a...

Newcastle, Nutlax -
Stony Brook Seawolves

The Stony Brook women's lacrosse team is coming off another historic and championship season. TEAM INFORMATION 2013 Record...................................17-3 (6-0 America East) Postseason.....................................N CA A Tournament Second Round 2014 Captains......... .......................Jessica Romano, Frankie Caridi, Amber Kupres, Michelle Rubino and Sarah Ehrman Letterwinners R/L ...........................17/11 Starters R/L...

Stony Brook -
Lake Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament

U19 Boys Division Sponsored by BRINE & WARRIOR Lacrosse Tournament Division: The 26th Annual Lake Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament U19 Boys Division. Great event to play one more tournament with your high school or club teammates, a tune-up for your first year in college or for younger teams to challenge themselves against college-bound players. Tournament Dates: July 22, 23 & 24, 2016 Tournament Location: Incline Village, NV Lodging: Condos & rental Houses are available through...

Lake Tahoe, Tahoe Incline Village
2014 Chinese Men's Lacrosse Head

During the 2014 lacrosse season this Chinese lacrosse head model was sold by various US lacrosse companies. The head was originally molded with Nylon fiber then various desired thermoplastic blends. Offering Companies: Bam Shaft - 4.0 Head Rip Lacrosse - RIP Head Shear Lax - Crook X Ten Minute Traditional - TurtleDome Vogl Lacrosse - The Patriot

Chinese Head -
Shamrock (Onyx) Ripper

Manufacturer Details: Engineered for the elite lacrosse player, with an open sidewall to take off weight, a narrowed face for a pocket that really rips, pinched ball stop area for maximum control and a streamlined lip for ground balls.

Shamrock (Onyx) Ripper -
Thompson i6 Lacrosse Head

The Thompson i6—which stands for Iroquois Six Nations—is an all-purpose head designed for all ages and skill levels, for both field and box lacrosse. Thompson Lacrosse and the i6 head represent a collaboration between Mohawk lacrosse players from Akwesasne and some of the most experienced and knowledgeable stick stringers in the lacrosse industry. The i6 features a sidewall inspired by the Iroquois Confederacy flag, which is based on the Hiawatha Wampum Belt created centuries ago to sym...

Thompson, Thompson i6 -
Burn - Warrior

Engineered for max speed - quick release, speed burst on shot, and faster ground ball pick-ups. Max string holes for completely custom pocket NFHS Spec = legal for play in non-NCAA X Universal Spec = Legal for play at all levels New SYMRAIL Twist technology further reduces weight in the sidewalls without reducing stiffness

Burn, Warrior Burn -
Ares (Attack-Class) - Joule Lacrosse

ARES, the Greek God of War. The Ares lacrosse head has been meticulously designed to prepare anyone for the battle that awaits on the lacrosse field. This head was designed for maximum play-ability, with string theory in mind. The geometric engineering was focused on directional flex, the scoop and ground ball ability, and receiving ability. This X-spec (Universal regulation) head is great for almost all positions and levels of play, dictated by the pocket design and flex-type. ...

Ares, Joule Lacrosse -
Tools of the Trade Tuesday - Screwdrivers

Screwdrivers are a must in lacrosse. They're used for helmet hardware and adjustment also for switching and mounting heads to shafts. Screwdrivers come in many different forms and usually lighter is better when having one in a travel tool kit. However if possible you can never go wrong with a screwdriver that has interchangeable ends. These come in many different forms, are relatively inexpensive and can be picked up at any big box home improvement stores and even Walmart. The interchangeable...

Screwdriver -
STX Super Power U

The Super Power Lacrosse Head follows the aerodynamic and streamlined design of STX's best lacrosse head the Proton Power. Reinforced scoop design strengthens the scoop as well as the side rails giving you extra strength. Additional stringing holes lets you string the stick how you want to. STX Forward Cant gives you incredible ball control and precision on shots and passes. Meets NCAA and NFHS Rules. Recommended for High School through College.

Stx, Super Power U -
Pocket Pounders

Pocket pounders are a tool that get over looked but are a very important to help the initial break in of a fresh string job. Pocket pounders come in all variations, from hand made to ones that can be purchased from major lacrosse manufacturers and lacrosse retailers. Most are just a ball with a hole drilled in and either a wooden dowel, drumstick or piece of broken shaft as a handle. Others which I personally have found to work the best is a free standing. These are usually constructed of a...

Pocket Pounders -
Hot Blade Rope Cutter

Hot Blade Rope Cutters are a heavy duty tool for cutting large amounts of string. These units usually run about 1200 degrees Fahrenheit and run on standard 120 volt. The one featured is a bench mount model but there's hand held as well, both come in many different blade configurations. One of the benefits to using these cutters is they cut and melt the ends all in one easy step, so they're great for all types of nylon string and also work great on mesh. You can also use the hot blade to melt...

Hot Blade Rope Cutter -
STX Proton Power

Engineered for the all-around player: · Strong and stiff, a solid checking stick that works hard in all player positions. · STX Forward Cant™ for quicker passing and shooting. · Aerodynamic, detached sidewall and stop design* eliminates excess weight and reduces ball rattle. · Aggressive sidewall styling and streamlined scoop for quicker ground ball pick-ups.

Stx Proton Power -
Brine Clutch

Top seller for Brine in 2007 Full offset for maximum control and feel Narrow face increases hold and accuracy Multiple sidewall holes for creating your personal pocket Reported Weight: 4.7 Oz. Designed to be legal for NFHS and youth play. Not legal for 2010 NCAA play.

Brine Clutch -
Warrior Evolution 4X

The ultimate in stock color options featuring a 3 zoned colored head. New aggressive sidewall design featuring our 2-Shot mold process for increased durability and stiffness. Insert molded throat jewel for an additional color zone. New SLIM SCOOP allows for a better transition in and out of the pocket. Optimal string hole position for a pocket that strings up perfect every time.

Warrior Evolution 4x -
Tsha'hon'nonyen'dukhwa' - Onondaga Nation Arena

  Tsha'hon'nonyen'dukhwa' is located on the Onondaga Nation.  The Onondaga Nation is sovereign territory which uses the traditional chiefs and  clanmothers to govern themselves. Tsha'hon'nonyen'dukhwa' - Onondaga Nation ArenaThe building was constructed in 2001 after years of anticipation.    The building uses the symbolism of the Haudenosaunee in its design. The colors of the arena are purple and white, the colors used in our...

Arena, Onondaga Nation Arena -