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Tools of the Trade Box Pinch Jig

In this edition of Tools of the Trade we look at a jig that helps pinch lacrosse heads. Box lacrosse is growing in popularity as much or maybe more than field which is great to see. The biggest majority of box is played in Canada. Because of this, most large equipment manufacturers retail box equipment and heads primarily in Canada and players in the states have a hard time getting heads and equipment that is specialized for indoor/box lacrosse. One of the first things that people...

Needle Nose Pliers

Welcome to this weeks Tools of the trade where this week we'll be looking at needle nose pliers. Needle nose pliers come in many different sizes for different task. Some have smooth jaws and some have teeth which are great when needing extra grip. Pliers are an essential part of any stringers tool kit from helping to install leathers to helping with fitting string into places where your fingers don't quite fit. Most pliers can be picked up at Walmart, craft stores and the major box home...

Needle Nose Pliers Canton
Refillable Butane Lighters

Hello stringers and welcome to "Tools of the trade Tuesdays". My name is Kevin Youngs and I've been stringing for close to 25 years now and have been fortunate enough to work with very large lacrosse companies and superstars of the game. During that time I've seen, developed and used numerous tools that have been very handy saving your hands and time when stringing. In this series we'll introduce a new tool every week along with tips, tricks and how to's. YouTube videos and reviews will be...

Refillable Butane Lighters Canton
Tools of the Trade - X-ACTO

X-ACTO knives are a great tool for any stringer to have in their arsenal. X-ACTO knives can be picked up at craft stores, online and major home improvement stores. They come in many different varieties as well as multiple blade configurations that can be purchased separately or in a kit. The main uses for X-ACTO is cutting leathers when stringing traditional pockets and make quick work of cutting string. They also work great for cleaning out plastic slag left in holes on some older heads....

Tools Of The Trade, X Acto Canton
Edge Utility Cutters

These cutters are a great upgrade from a simple pair of scissors because of durability, safety and versatility. These cutters were a necessity in the early days of our stringing business when 90% of pockets were traditional and were stringing around 250-400 heads a week. When cutting that much leather we quickly found that scissors were just wearing out way to fast and needed a good solution. The solution came in the form of these edge cutters. Shown above are my personal cutters which are...

Edge Utility Cutters Canton
Tools of the Trade - Awl

Awl is a very simple but handy tool to have in your stringers arsenal of tools. These are usually just a sharpened to a point piece of steel mounted on a handle. They come in many different lengths and different bends on the ends for different tasks. Can be found in big box home improvement stores, online and even Walmart. When stringing they're great to use for opening holes when you need to fit multiple strings through the same sidewall hole. Light pressure is all that's needed to push...

Awl, Tools Of The Trade Canton
Tools of the Trade TradiTree

This week we take a look at TradiTree. Stringing jigs have always been a hot topic among traditional stringers for as long as I can remember and traditional stringing jigs are not a new idea. That said what is a new idea is the way a jig is constructed and functions. Hank Furnbach the inventor of TradiTree came up with a great idea and put it into production. One of the great things with TradiTree is it's simplicity and price point. As the sport has exploded traditional...