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Istbic week 2 break in

I started my break in using the leather lube. It made the leathers softer and put a coating over the whole pocket. The leather lube is vey similar to mink oil and gives the pocket a different feel. I played some wall ball and the pocket is still not game ready, but getting there

Istbic Custom Istbic Novi
kfc lacrosse istbic custom pocket

I strung this custom pocket on my nike legacy. All of the materials used are from jimalax except for the "shooter locks". The center track is a double x center and I used twists on the outside. The pocket sits mid low and has very low whip and hold so far. The double interlocks and twists make the pocket feel quite sturdy compared to most traditional pockets I do. Since the head was so pinched, I used thick nylons on the outside instead of leathers. This way the release won't have as much...

Istbic Custom Novi