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Final Update @ryans_stickpics

Here she is gentlemen, my blue gait torque. Minlax leathers, jima crosslace and shooters. Shifty. I strung it with red shooters but i decided to put new white ones in a few weeks ago. I thought it looked better, but i also strung the white shooters under the crosslace for a smoother release. I also strung the leathers fuzzy-side-up for a better bite for the crosslace. The whip just isn't there, i almost wish there was a little more whip. but i can still rip a fast shot on target...

Minlax, Torque 48302
ryans_stickpics entry

find me on This is my royal blue, OG Gait Torque with MinLax leathers, Jimalax crosslace, and stringking shooters. 11/15/14 update: (3 initial pictures) For my entry I strung my first freehand single-string trad. I strung it halfway through november, and posted it on my instagram the day i strung it. Strung pretty shallow, so it had no whip, hold, or lip during the start of the break in process. I decided to string with the "smooth...

Istbic, Trad Detroit