Channel Mesh - Flat Knit Mesh 

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Channel Mesh - Flat Knit Mesh

  • Channel Mesh - Flat Knit Mesh
  • Channel Mesh - Flat Knit Mesh
  • Channel Mesh - Flat Knit Mesh


Channel Mesh is the First Ever Flat Knitted Mesh that strings into any head. Different size diamonds and shapes are strategically placed in the mesh to maximize performance for cradling, passing and shooting. Customize your pocket for accuracy, whip, hold and feel using shootings strings and different sidewall configurations. Our patent pending designs use hydrophobic yarn so rain, sleet or snow will not influence the performance of your pocket. 100% Made In the USA. Our mesh fits any head including from manufacturers like Warrior, STX, Brine, Under Armour, Maverik, Nike, StringKing, ECD, True, and Epoch.

Channel Mesh is 100% Customizable:

More Whip No Problem – Add some Shooting Strings and Cord into design rows at the top of the Pocket - These abide by NCAA specs measuring no more than 4 inches from the scoop.

Hydrophobic Yarn doesn't absorb water: Channel Mesh was engineered with a U-Shaped Channel which provides maximum control with a smooth and accurate release….every time.

This Mesh has the ability to be strung into ANY LACROSSE HEAD at a fraction of the COST

Proudly 100% Made in the USA


Our Patent Pending Mesh allows you to customize your pocket to your style of play by adding shooting strings and ability for use different sidewall string configurations. Once broken in your pocket will remain consistent with limited maintenance required.

Increased Accuracy
Consistent performance is all weather conditions
Smoother, Quicker release
Hydrophobic Yarn doesn’t absorb water
Resists Deformation
Able to withstand extreme wear and tear


Year Released: 2017