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Adidas Blockade Lacrosse Head 

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Adidas Blockade Lacrosse Head

  • Adidas Blockade Lacrosse Head
  • Adidas Blockade Lacrosse Head


Made for complete defensemen, this men's lacrosse head is designed to deliver jarring checks and scoop up ground balls with precision and control. The unstrung head is engineered for stiffness and durability, with a flat scoop and channeled face profile ideal for blocking and deflecting.

Computer aided stress analysis to optimize flex, weight and durability.

Engineered sidewall design for stiffness.

Optimal face shape for ideal ball control and ground ball scooping.

Recessed channels in scoop for top string protection.

30 sidewall holes for personal stringing preferences.


Intended Position Usage: Defense
Best Use for: Defense
Year Manufactured: 2016
Weight (g): 166


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