1 Lacrosse AON Lacrosse Head 

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1 Lacrosse AON Lacrosse Head

  • 1 Lacrosse AON Lacrosse Head
  • 1 Lacrosse AON Lacrosse Head


The 1 Lacrosse AON™ is designed around the pocket for consistent play and proper technique. It comes ready to play and is built to last. Our Dual Topstring Protection (D.T.P.) works to shield your topstring from abuse when playing on rough surfaces. Multiple stringing holes allow a player to customize their pocket, and our sway recesses give your pocket the ultimate freedom to move.

• Narrow channel to guide the ball for accurate passes and shots
• Wide crown for quick and easy catching
• D.T.P. – Dual Topstring Protection – featuring Wear Block and String Groove technology
• Classic scoop design for easy ground balls
• Multiple stringing holes ideal for any type of pocket
• Sleek and strong sidewall design
• Sway recesses: because pockets move!


Intended Position Usage: Attack/Midfield
Best Use for: Attack/Midfield
Year Manufactured: 2009



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