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HeroMesh was engineered to provide players with the ultimate level of feel and control. By combining our new LTH FibersTM and HyperWeaveTM technology, we were able to make a super lightweight mesh with all weather performance. Now it’s your turn to Be ELITE.

Weatherproof – Our new LTH FibersTM are fully weatherproof. They will not expand or contract in blistering heat, freezing cold, rain, or snow.

HyperWeaveTM – HyperWeaveTM is our super tight knit pattern, which creates perfectly shaped diamonds and adds texture for increased feel and control.

Lightweight – LTH FibersTM are extremely lightweight and durable. This translates to increased feel and faster shots, without compromising strength.

Responsive – HeroMesh is engineered with a semi-soft feel, which allows your pocket to move with the ball as you catch, cradle, pass, and shoot.

HeroMesh is made with pride in the United States. Powered by Jimalax.


Mesh Hardness: Semi-Soft
Year Released: 2015