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DeBeer: The Web Lacrosse Goalie Head 

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DeBeer Gait The Web Goalie Head


Designed with the Box Goalie in mind, DeBeer (Gait) Web is the most widely used goalie head in the NLL. The downward angle, and squared shape increases the save area. The inside support ribs allow for an over-sized head while still maintaining stiffness and durability.

Specs: 11.5" wide (widest catching area width)12.75" wide (widest width including side flares)16.5" long (tip of head to ball stop).

Inside support ribs allow for over-sized head while maintaining stiffness.

Flat angled scoop improves ground ball pickup.

Square shape increases save area.


Intended Position Usage: Goalie(Box)
Best Use for: Goalie(Box)
Year Manufactured: 2001


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