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Warrior Grippy Lacrosse Ball 

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Warrior Grippy Lacrosse Ball



Official ball of MLL and Team USA

Available in three packs:

Official MLL Orange, Yellow and White


Warrior's new, patent pending Grippy Ball enhances

performance by increasing friction between the ball

and the pocket. The ball's textured surface grips

your pocket during cradling, throwing, and

catching. The result is more control of the ball when

stick-handling and more accurate passes and shots

when the ball is released. Every player knows that

control of the ball is the most important aspect of

lacrosse. Whether you're power-cradling, ripping

corners, or just scooping a GB, having the ball in

the right part of your pocket is a must. Whether

you use mesh or leather, your pocket will grab the

Grippy Ball and make sure you have complete

control of it.

"When I was at Princeton, I got one of those

slippery balls in a game, and my next pass sailed

high out of bounds. It just slipped out because

there was no grab to it. I tried to explain it to my

coach, but as usual he just yelled at me." Jesse


Not All Balls Are Created Equal: Slippery, shiny,

slimy, glazed, whatever you call it; it's a lacrosse

players nightmare. A ball with no friction is a ball

with no future.

Pockets have changed dramatically over the last 20

years, but the ball has remained the same for

seemingly forever. It's about time the ball got some

attention. The Warrior Grippy Ball, the Official Ball

of the 2002 Major League Lacrosse All Star Game,

is the first innovation of the rubber lacrosse ball

since it's introduction to the game. The slightly

textured surface of the ball allows the pocket to do

what it's supposed to do: control the ball.

"We tested different textures on balls and found the

surface which adds control without changing the

properties of the ball itself. The texture doesn't

interfere with the shape or bounce properties of the

ball, nor does it affect the durability of the pocket.

The slightly textured surface adds just enough

friction to help the pocket grab the ball." Jesse


"The Grippy ball is all I'll ever use from now on."

Casey Powell

"Grippy is Trippy." Ryan Powell

"The Grippy Ball is a goalie's worst nightmare - it's

just too accurate." Trevor Tierney


Area of Play: Field Lacrosse
Year Manufactured: 2003
Material: Rubber


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