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Warrior Nitro Glove (1997) 

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Warrior Nitro Lacrosse Glove


The time has come. Protective equipment design has remained unchanged for almost two decades due to lack of competition in the industry, lack of player input and lack of creativity. As we enter the third millennium, Warrior proudly introduces the Nitro Glove, the first of the Millennium Protective Gear series.

The Nitro Glove represents a completely new way of looking at protective equipment. First, consider the structural design. The Nitro Glove was painstakingly designed to follow the natural contours of your wrist, hand and fingers while in a gripping position. This allows for ultimate comfort and performance right off the shelf. The Nitro Glove also features a closed cuff combined with an oversized wrist guard hinged at only two points, creating anatomical wrist articulation and maximum protection.

Next, the materials. The Nitro Glove is constructed of the highest quality materials available. The outer layer is Warrior Duralene, a super tough Spandura (Cordura and Spandex) for increased flexibility and abrasion resistance. The inner material is a high density EVA foam combined with a cross-link polyethylene laminate to provide ultimate shock absorption (energy is dispersed at random angles as opposed to traditional foams that transfer energy directly through). The palm is constructed of an extremely soft, high strength, natural hide treated to make it weatherproof and machine washable, then reinforced with Warrior Tuff Tech for added durability and grip control. Warrior¹s unique tanning process allows the leather to maintain it¹s soft supple hand through all conditions without the usual drying, wrinkling and tearing that occurs with less expensive traditional hides. Finally, all materials used are extremely hydrophobic so they won¹t weigh an extra 5 pounds during a wet game!

Now there is no reason to risk injury or sacrifice performance with archaic equipment.


Area of Play: Field Lacrosse
Year Manufactured: 1997
Material: Warrior Duralene, a super tough Spandura (Cordura and Spandex) for increased flexibility and abrasion resistance.


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