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Talon Hummingbird Lacrosse Shaft 

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Talon Hummingbird Lacrosse Shaft


The Hummingbird is our patent pending women's lacrosse shaft. This slender new addition to Talon's line of natural hardwood composite shafts has all the features you are looking for in today's competitive game: feel, shape and performance. At first glance, it is hard to escape the natural, individual beauty of each Talon shaft. But the real beauty is beyond skin-deep.


Shape: Kanuga grip—traditional octagon shape at both ends with a soft-triangle shape in the middle for optimum grip and feel

Flexibility: Fiberglass core provides flexibility in the shaft on stick checks

Durability: Highly resistant to dents when checked or checking an opposing player's shaft; outstanding impact strength on stick checks


Area of Play: Field Lacrosse
Year Manufactured: 2009
Material: Oak, Walnut, or Hickory


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