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Shamrock 'The Rock' Lacrosse Head 

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Shamrock 'The Rock' Lacrosse Head


Shamrock's unique head design provides the most accurate, highest velocity lacrosse sticks available today.

OFFSET DESIGN: Increases leverage, maximizing the ball's speed at the release point.

POWERWING: These sidwall wings channel the ball for more accurate shooting and passing.

A unique offset design which adds leverage, thus increasing shot velocity an average of 8% in independent tests.

Deepest legal pocket
Great stick for face-offs
Powerwing sidewall design
Virtually unbreakable head.
Offset configuration

In 1996 Shamrock Lacrosse began production on its new lacrosse head, initiating new and innovative concepts for lacrosse equipment. Shamrock's patented wing design makes "The Rock" a formidable weapon in lacrosse competition. With its power wings, "The Rock" has a deeper pocket allowing for superior ball control.


Intended Position Usage: Attack/Midfield
Best Use for: Attack/Midfield
Year Manufactured: 1996


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