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Maverik Base 2 Goalie Lacrosse Head 

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Maverik Base 2 Goalie Lacrosse Head


Designed and trusted by some of the best goalies the game has ever seen, the new Maverik Base 2 is built for strength.

New material in the Base 2 makes is 45% stiffer than the original, allowing you to keep the ball out of the back of the net. Without the fear of the head bending or warping, you can focus on eating shots and starting the break for your offense.

Designed to be lightweight and responsive, you can convert ground balls to fast breaks in no time, helping generate goals and keep you out of coach’s doghouse.

With the widest allowable surface area in the game, the Base 2 covers everything you need it to, and lets your play do the talking.

If you’re a high-level goalie looking for a wide-bodied head that was designed by the pros, look no further than the Maverik Base 2 Goalie Lacrosse Head.

Plastic Technology Reinforced side wall delivers unrivaled durability.

Throat Grip - Tapered V: Reduction of plastic that reduces its thickness as it extends to the bottom of the throat.


Intended Position Usage: Goalie(Field)
Best Use for: Goalie(Field)
Year Manufactured: 2013
Weight (g): 382


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