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Maverik Juice Lacrosse Head 

  Lacrosse Viewed: 5693

Maverik Juice Lacrosse Head Face.jpg

  • Maverik Juice Lacrosse Head Face.jpg
  • Maverik Juice Lacrosse Head Side.jpg
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  • Maverik Juice Lacrosse Head.jpg



Specifications: NFHS and NCAA The measurement requirements which the head meets. NCAA, NFHS or Universal measurements are the standard specifications.

Offset: 15 Degrees. How the offset of the head is formed (the method of having the top of the head sit below the throat of the head for easier ground balls).

The Juice is Maverik's original head and you know you can't beat an original. The Juice features a narrow head design which delivers ultimate control and comfort while handling the ball. The Juice offers a faster release point to generate more powerful shots. The Juice meets NFHS and NCAA requirements.


Intended Position Usage: Attack/Midfield
Best Use for: Attack/Midfield
Weight (g): 164


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