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Tools of the Trade TradiTree 

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This week we take a look at TradiTree.

Stringing jigs have always been a hot topic among traditional stringers for as long as I can remember and traditional stringing jigs are not a new idea. That said what is a new idea is the way a jig is constructed and functions. Hank Furnbach the inventor of TradiTree came up with a great idea and put it into production. One of the great things with TradiTree is it's simplicity and price point. As the sport has exploded traditional stringing has started to become more popular. One issue with traditional has been the length of time to string and getting a functional pocket. That's where Traditree comes in because it is very simple to install, cheap and can help to get great pockets in a relatively short time frame.

TradiTree comes in the original, pita pocket and the new aluminum Pro versions. They're light weight, easy to install and price starts at $14.75. You can pick one up at TradiTree.com or at a large number of large lacrosse retailers across the country. Installation is pretty straight foward, just install your leathers and sidewall, then slide TradiTree under the sidewall and tighten leathers and your ready for crosslace. One of the nice things is how fast it installs plus it allows you to string your pocket preference such as high, mid or low. Once the crosslace is installed just simply remove and adjust diamonds and tension and pound in the pocket to set the interlocks.

I was able to talk with Hank the inventor and he's a very nice, intelligent person and invented TradiTree for the right reasons, passion for stringing and lacrosse. While TradiTree will not make you a professional traditional stringer over night, it will help to make traditional stringing fun, functional and helps to get people interested in the art of traditional stringing. For those reasons I'm a big supporter of TradiTree and feel that it's a MUST have stringing tool!



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