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STX Liquid Lacrosse Head 

  Lacrosse Viewed: 1915

STX Liquid Lacrosse Head


Designed for the offensive player, the Liquid features a floating sidewall. When you cradle with this, not only with your stringing sway but so will the sidewall making it great for ball retention. The unique throat design plugs into the shaft making the throat appear shorter.

First ever head/shaft interface.

STX Forward Cant for strong power cradling and quick release.

Innovative and revolutionary floating sidewall design combines the tactile and responsive elastomer inner surface and a swinging stringing wall to grab the ball and hold it deep in the pocket.

Angled sidewall strut design maximizes strength and stiffness in the side to side bending motion.

Pocket gussets reduce pocket width for a more channeled pocket and improved accuracy and control.

Meets NFHS specs only.


Intended Position Usage: Attack
Best Use for: Attack
Year Manufactured: 2003


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