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STX G22 Lacrosse Head  

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STX G22 Lacrosse Head

  • STX G22 Lacrosse Head
  • STX G22 Lacrosse Head - Updated Throat



Designed by Gary Gait to deliver the fastest shot possible. Aggressive sidewall styling. Crankshaft 10° bend enables optimal hand positioning. Shorter throat on the head allows players to get their hands closer to the ball while cradling for improved feel. Recessed scoop provides a straighter path into the head on ground balls. Unstrung weight (head only) 115 grams. G22 can only work with STX 10 degree Crankshafts.

(Second Photo: Updated Throat and Markings.)


Intended Position Usage: Attack/Midfield
Best Use for: Attack/Midfield
Year Manufactured: 2008
Weight (g): 115


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