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Brine Edge X Lacrosse Head 

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Brine Edge X Lacrosse Head


The Edge is Brine's all-time best selling head. What makes this head unique is its bottom rail that allows for the player to customize his pocket to be either a mid-level pocket or a low-level pocket. This head also was one of the first to have an abundance amount of sidewall holes that allow for not only better pocket customization, but added durability.

Weight Without Mesh (oz.) 5.1
Weight Without Mesh (gm.) 145
A - Mouth Width/Widest Point (in.) 6 7/8

B - Pinch at the 5 inch Mark (in.) 5

C - Pinch at the 3 inch Mark (in.) 3 1/2

D - Pinch at the 1.25 inch Mark (in.) 3 1/4

E - Throat Length (in.) 2

F - Offset Maximum Offset = Technology that lowers the sidewall of a head below the center plane of the shaft.

Plastic Technology Multiple Bottom Rail Stringing Holes: Strategically placing an abundance of sidewall stringing holes on the bottom rail to enhanced strength.

Sidewall Stringing Holes 17


Intended Position Usage: Attack/Midfield
Best Use for: Attack/Midfield


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