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Warrior Blade Face-Off Edition Lacrosse Head 

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Warrior Blade Face-Off Edition


Warrior Blade Face-Off Edition Lacrosse Head

A head built for one of the most skilled positions on the field- the face-off specialist. We all know that winning the face-off can mean the difference between winning and losing a game. It takes practice, skill, and the right head to dominate the draw. Endorsed by the best MLL face-off specialists in the game the new blade 2.0 F-off Edition was designed around one single purpose to win every draw... every time.

The exclusive Asymmetrical Sidewall allows you to get a head start on clamps- giving you an added edge. The shorter sidewall flexes to pop the ball on plunger moves and increases your grip on rake moves. Warrior's patented Flared Sidewall keeps the ball in the pocket for maximum control.


Intended Position Usage: Face Off
Best Use for: Face Off
Year Manufactured: 2008


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