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Warrior Spyne Lacrosse Head 

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Warrior Spyne Lacrosse Head


(After 1 year in production, Warrior has decided to discontinue the Spyne series of lacrosse heads. The Spyne meets both NFHS and NCAA specifications.)

"The Warrior Spyne Lacrosse Head is made with "TEK 9". This state of the art, high performance blend is more resistant to heat and less likely to break down and become soft while you are playing. The Spyne jewel logo molded directly into the throat shows your head is ultra stiff and puts regular lacrosse heads to shame."

Features a double bar offset and has flared sidewalls.
Meets NFHS and NCAA specs


Intended Position Usage: Attack/Midfield
Best Use for: Attack/Midfield
Year Manufactured: 2009


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