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Warrior Warpath 

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The Warrior Warpath was a pretty popular beginner head when I first started playing. The warpath was designed to have a wider width to improve fundamentals of catching and throwing. Warrior describe the pocket placement as off-center which then allows players to generate more power when shooting/passing. Many beginner players who used the head when I first started playing, used factory stringing and rarely had it restrung. The price point of the complete stick, which was compromised of Warriors's basic Alloy shaft and the Warpath head retailed for around thirty dollars. The scoop of this head allowed for easy ground balls for players. Lastly, When referring to durability and stiffness the head was pretty flexible compared to higher end heads at the time. Overall, it was a good beginner head for youth players at a very practical price point.


Intended Position Usage: Attack/Midfield
Best Use for: Attack/Midfield


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