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Break in Contest: Week 1 

  Lacrosse Viewed: 8930


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I haven't been able to hit the wall yet because of finals last week, but I've been pounding the pocket everyday with a pocket pounder and a baseball bat. Also, I've kept a tennis ball/chopsticks in the head every night.

The tensions are evening out throughout the pocket as it breaks in, and is looking really nice. The side leathers have started pinching around the crosslace, but the center leathers have barely pinched in at all. The depth of the pocket has gotten slightly deeper so far, but not too much.


Head Manufacturer: Nike
Head Name: CEO
Head Color: White
Top Shooting String: Brown
2nd Shooting String: White
3rd Shooting String: White
Leathers: Black
Crosslace: White
Sidewall: Brown


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