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Break In Contest- Initial Stringup  

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I strung my new white CEO with a 7D, single string, classic trad. I used Stringers Shack's Beaver Leathers, white Jimalax Crosslace, Jimalax shooters, and Stick Doctor Bootlace for the sidewalls, top string, and top nylon. The leathers were pre-stretched. I usually string free-handed, but this time I decided to use the Traditree. I strung another pocket using the Traditree, but it definitely did not turn out as well as this one. As you can see, I double interlocked two of the leathers. I found that by doing this, it helps prevents the leathers from slipping and sliding around, which could create a lot of whip and start allowing the ball to click off of the plastic. Also, I used a LaxAllStars inspired bottom transition. This allows the crosslace at the bottom of the pocket to shift a little more, and settle where the pocket naturally wants it to go.

I've been pounding the pocket a little bit to try and get the interlocks to set a little bit before I hit the wall. I've found that if I partially set the them first, then I have a lot less adjusting to do when I'm getting my reps in.


Head Manufacturer: Nike
Head Name: CEO
Head Color: White
Top Shooting String: White
2nd Shooting String: White
3rd Shooting String: White
Leathers: Black
Crosslace: White
Sidewall: Brown


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