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Gopherlax5's Break In Challeng (2 week) 

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2 weeks

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Brine Clutch 2 strung with a 6 diamond traditional pocket. The head has Minlax leathers and white crosslace with yellow sidewall and black shooters. To begin the break in, I've changed up my normal break in (pocket screw and water) and went old school. I'm wall balling and shooting daily and make small adjustments (leather/shooter tightening or loosening as required) post session. It takes a lot more time to get it game ready but it'll create a lifelong constant pocket. The leathers will naturally stretch and break in with continual pounding from the wall ball. I'll post the pics every 2 weeks.

UPDATE: 2 weeks in, wall ball and shoot for 20 minutes a day. The only adjustments have been to tighten/loosen the shooters as needed. The leathers are breakin in nicely. Still not game ready just yet.



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