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spencerngo's lakota 7d trad 

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Hello all, this is my chrome Nika Lakota strung with a 7d traditional. I chose to go the 7d route for added structure and stability/"firmness" in the pocket as opposed to a lesser diamond pocket (5 or 6d). Though the spacing and size of the diamonds may not be perfect, this is my best attempt at perfecting my craft. I decided to increase the diamond size from small to large as you go down the head. The smaller diamonds up top are to facilitate a smoother release while the larger diamonds in the lower part of the head are for increased hold. All the materials I used are from Jimalax (Leathers, sidewall, crosslace). All materials were untreated/unaltered aside from pre-stretching and soaking in water. I'm excited to see where these next 4 months take me and I'm pumped to be able to learn more about traditional and the intricacies and nuances that comes with the maintenance of a traditional pocket.


Head Manufacturer: Nike
Head Name: Lakota
Head Color: Gray
Top Shooting String: Red
2nd Shooting String: White
3rd Shooting String: White
Leathers: Black
Crosslace: Gold
Sidewall: Black


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