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Lax_it_up24 Warrior Evolyte with a bootlace trad X 

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Here is my stick for the ISTBIC. I strung up my warrior evolyte with a bootlace trad X. I've been experimenting with bootlace for a while and I like the hold and solid feel that it can add, although it does take a little longer to take in. The bootlace is from stick doctor and the leathers are from minlax. I wanted a traditional that was symmetrical, but not to complicated. I settled on a trad X because it wasn't too complicated and I really like the way the ball sits in the Xs. I plan on doing a lot of wall ball with this stick and also using the hot water method. It does have a saddle so I might have to undo some of the interlocks if the pocket gets too deep so I can tighten the leathers. I can't wait for this and hope it turns out well.


Head Manufacturer: Warrior
Head Name: Evolyte
Head Color: White
Top Shooting String: White
2nd Shooting String: White
Leathers: Brown
Crosslace: Multicolor
Sidewall: White


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