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Jakob Works (@lacrosse_works) ISTBIC 

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I have here a black Nike CEO, the CEO is my head of choice as a collegiate attackman. For this contest I strung a 7 diamond one string traditional, I chose this because it takes you back to the roots of the game and I personal believe that using one piece of crosslace for the whole head makes stringing and tension more of a challenge. I used MINLAX 9 ounce leathers that I stretched and conditioned with my own leather conditioning technique, I did this to help the leathers stay waterproof and to prevent bagging. I used jimalax crosslace, sidewall and shooters; for me it is always about stringing a stick that you will like and want to use so I stick with what I know, and that is jimalax materials. I used traditional as a sophomore, junior and senior in high school and planned on using it in college but as everyone knows, in the 2013 lacrosse season, there was a 4 inch shooting string rule. As a player that uses the lowest pocket he can make, this rule really hurt me. In this CEO my goal is to break in a low pocket with not a lot of whip, I put in three shooters with pyramid tension and a tight nylon across the top in order to help this happen. I also threw in a little flare by holding my leathers together with brass barrel screws and finished off the stick it a four leather braid in order so show how there should be no adjusting of the leathers if I strung it to the correct dept and did what I said with the leathers.
Your friend and fellow lacrosse lover,
Jakob Works
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