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SpawnOfPipo's BurnX with Classic Trad 

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This is my own personal Burn X that I lovingly call Candy after my late grandfather. I decided to string her up with a single string 6D Classic Trad because in my eyes it's one of the most difficult pockets to string with the correct tension in the first go through, especially free-handed like I did with Candy. It is also my favorite style of Trad to string/have. I used my own personal treated StickDoctor leathers, StringersShack cross-lace and shooting nylon, BarrierLacrosse heavy nylon sidewalls, and a Jimalax shooting lace. It takes an adept understanding of tension and the "life" that a pocket can have in order that it can break in and function and then last beyond a month or two. Most people forget that Trads, of all kinds, were meant to last longer than just one season of the sport. Most players would steadily replace each part of the pocket as it failed as to maintain the feel it had. Nowadays players just toss out the pocket like it is nothing. By challenging myself with this pocket, I'm also challenging whoever reads this to string something that works for them AND treat it like it's actually a part of their body, as a lacrosse stick is always referred as by coaches and old hands in this community.

Curious as to who I am?
Philip Pierce
SpawnOfPipo (Instagram/Twitter/YouTube)



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