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This is my royal blue, OG Gait Torque with MinLax leathers, Jimalax crosslace, and stringking shooters.

11/15/14 update: (3 initial pictures)
For my entry I strung my first freehand single-string trad. I strung it halfway through november, and posted it on my instagram the day i strung it. Strung pretty shallow, so it had no whip, hold, or lip during the start of the break in process.

I decided to string with the "smooth side" outwards, away from the ball. I think this will let the cross lace set into the leathers deeper, giving a smoother release and less drag.

11/30/14 update:
Been using it a few times per week, getting a lot more hold and a little more whip. i've only adjusted the top nylon shooter so it has more lip. Really enjoying the smooth release.



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