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Chris Hammond 

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I grew up in michigan playing for birmingham in detroit, then was recruited to go to salisbury. Best choice i've made in my life. I met so many amazing people and because of lacrosse I was able to achieve my dream and travel the country. I now coach, and train kids in the metro detroit area.


Field Position: Defense
Box Position: Defender
Experience (Years): 16
Height: 6'3
Weight: 205
Team/Coach (2014): Coach Birmingham Club 7/8 A (10-6) Coach Belleville Summer Program Coach Off-Tilt Lacrosse Head
Team/Coach (2013): Coach Birmingham Club 7/8 A (16-3) Coach Off-Tilt Lacrosse Head
Special Training: Defensive specialty. also trained in TRX suspension training, personal trainer, and weight training advisor.
Past Events: 2008 National Championship - Salisbury
Want Recruitment: No


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