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Passion for growing the game  

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Anand is a very charismatic person and is always uplifting spirits, he is a defenseman looking to switch to attack but he is having difficulty financially, he truly has a burning potential for the growth and development of his skills and the knowledge and popularity of lacrosse, please help! (He is also guaranteed to get you some customers) He owns a small dying and stringing business and practices his craft everyday, he has aspiring dreams of being the best (because it irritates him he's not). There is not much footage of him because he is only a freshman and we are just starting to pay attention to recruitment and scholarships, there will definitely be much more to come from Box/field throughout his high school career, the only thing more towering than his size is his passion for the sport, it would be an honor for him to test out your equip and help grow a lacrosse business !


Field Position: Attack
Box Position: Defender
Experience (Years): 8
Height: 6"4
Weight: 210
Team/Coach (2015): Potomac falls panthers
Goals (2015): 0
Assists (2015): 0
Saves % (2015): 5
Team/Coach (2014): Algonkian Tribe
Goals (2014): 0
Assists (2014): 0
Saves % (2014): 115
Team/Coach (2013): Algonkin tribe
Goals (2013): 29
Assists (2013): 18
Saves % (2013) 0
Special Training: None, he is a self taught by watching pro and college film and games, nothing but dedication and blood, sweat, and tears
Past Events: Shootout for soldiers
Want Recruitment: Yes


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