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Maverik Kinetik Review  

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Maverik Kinetik

The kinetic is the latest offering from Maverik Lacrosse who has been releasing top of the line Heads on July 4th for the past 4 years. This Head is meant for the Attack-men, offensive middies, and I believe would be great for offensive minded box lacrosse players.

The Kinetik features their Level 4 bottom Rail and new Tension Lock technology, I unfortunately did not string mesh in this head because there were a lot of great stringers who I knew would string mesh and give their opinion on the tension Lock so I urge you to go and see other reviews on this head if you are on the fence of purchasing this head.

level 4, describes the lowest point in the bottom rail which doesn’t dictate entirely where a pocket will sit but it is the manufactures suggestion where they designed the pocket to be. The reason for the mid high placement is for the outside shots, the mid high pocket allows the ball to sit in the head longer as you rotate your hips and arms while shooting. This feature hasn’t been seen since the Centrik BUT in my opinion it has been done 10x better on this head than the centrik because this bottom rail is more pointed than elongated like the centrik is. The redesign on the level 4 gives it a snappy release, which has a unique feeling when you shoot, definitely adds shot velocity and accuracy.

The Tension Lock is intended to lock down the channel to have a pass or shot come out of the center of the scoop and have crisp accurate passes. The high aggressive flare, tight face shape, stiffness, and the slightly pointed scoop will also help with the accuracy.

This head takes a traditional very well better than the Optik and Centrik do. The top and bottom holes are perfectly spaced, the bottom holes are nice and big and able to fit leathers through easily. The biggest improvements in my opinion, for traditionals, are the longer throat, and the cutouts in the throat. The longer throat allows for the leathers to be able to “turn around” and have more space to tie off on the back or the front. The cutouts are an improvement to feed the leathers through to turn around if you didn’t want to tie off the leathers in the front of the head.

I have been using this head now for about two months and the only complaint I have is the Tension Lock. I think it could have been pushed down a diamond but I think that that’s an issue that is easily fixed by using a traditional… or by tweaking your pattern, which isn’t a big deal. The pros definitely out weigh the cons in this head. The stiffness of the head hasn’t been weakened by use nor has the head warped by use. I highly recommend this head to Midfielders who like to carry the ball and run and gun, any outside shooting attack-men not so much the catch in the center and shoot as the face shape is kind of tight to be catching In the middle, and an offensive minded Box lacrosse player.

Thank you for taking the time to read this review and if you have any question please don’t hesitate to send me an email at or send me a Direct Message on Instagram @Laxsmoke26.

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Taylor Smoke
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Head Color: White
Head Manufacturer: Maverik
Head Name: Kinetik
Head Manufacture Year: 2017


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