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Brine RP3 X - Rob Pannell 

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Brine RP3 X

  • Brine RP3 X
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  • Brine RP3 X



  • RP3 HEAD

    The All-Time NCAA Points Leader worked directly with the Brine team to create a head to do the one thing Pannell does better than anyone – put points on the board!

    • The Pannell head is reinforced with Brine's strategic Core-Tech sidewall design.
    • Core-Tech design has precision-engineered depths in the sidewall to control the amount of flex and cut weight.
    • With a tight face shape, the RP3 X gives great ball control in the pocket and a consistent channel release.
    • Maximum string holes provide a completely customized pocket placement.
    • Unstrung colors: WH, BK, NV, RD, RL


Head Color: White
Stringing: Traditional
Leather Color: White
Top Shooting String: Gray
2nd Shooting String: White
3rd Shooting String: White
Crosslace: White
Left Sidewall: Gray
Right Sidewall: Gray
Head Manufacturer: Brine
Head Name: Brine RP3 X
Head Manufacture Year: 2014


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