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THE CLASSIC POCKET by Rock-it Pocket 

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Classic Rock-it Pocket

  • Classic Rock-it Pocket
  • Classic Rock-it Pocket
  • Classic Rock-it Pocket
  • Classic Rock-it Pocket


THE CLASSIC POCKET by Rock-it Pocket – Middle pocket


The Rock-it Pocket Classic is a lacrosse pocket that combines the strength and adaptability found in planed strips of leather with extremely durable woven polyester string, and together they form a customized mid-head pocket system that embodies the Rock-it Pocket four-part pocket performance mantra: Accuracy, Consistency, Durability, and Dependability. 

The Classic Rock-it Pocket uses the center of the head as the sweet spot for the ball in the stick. The middle often makes for good overall balance and gives the player great feel for the ball.


The overall shape of the Rock-it Pocket Classic is pre-formed by three basic manufacturing steps, and with a structure that is shaped to exactly fit the ball. The pocket life begins with a high degree of performance CONSISTENCY that is inherent with the patented design. There is no need to ‘get’ the pocket to anywhere other than where it is, because, of course, it’s already there. This built-in aspect means less or no break-in time.


With the Rock-it Pocket, passes and shots can work as 2 different kinds of playing element that are unified and working together inside one pocket.


Around here, we think of the Rock-it Pocket as “game ready”.



Having the pocket deepest right in the middle of the face, as opposed to high or low in the head, leaves room for the ball to get tracked and rolling toward the target before it meets up with and crosses the shooters. 

The Classic combines an always-quick release potential with the capability to also take the big wind-up to get a harder shot. The ball will stick in a well-cradled Classic Rock-it Pocket so the player can take a long and or quick back swing to get more of his body parts involved and contributing to his overall pocket power.

The versatility of the Classic allows a shooter to also punch home the in-close, quick, corner pocket shot, the one with stick whackers all around trying to foil the offensive thrust.

With a decent shaft and a Classic in your hands, you can really feel the ball roll across the different strings at pocket travel points.  This can only aid in the all-important ‘touch’ department of the stick and stick handling.



Because every Rock-it Pocket is built for the ball, it does not ever wander far from its original string and leather adjustment place, even when it rains. The polyester string won’t let the living, breathing leathers stretch beyond just the right depth, so the pocket is adept at holding its shape over time and weather. 

ACCURACY is built right into the Rock-it Pocket. The leathers dictate exactly how the ball can move, making the release point the same every time. This is an X factor that can build a lot of confidence in a player.

Players want to have pockets that track and lift the ball as it rolls up in the pocket. They also want to be able to use their hands and wrists to make late changes to when and where the ball will go.


The Classic is set up to make easy and or significant adjustments to fit different personal playing styles.




Rock-it Pocket has your DEPENDABILITY back. If you listen close enough you just might hear your stick whisper the phrase, “Just point and shoot”.


Or, maybe it’s shouting out. Ground Zero? The Bomb? First time, every time!




The leather strips are at the heart of the Rock-it Pocket and the way it performs.  Leather helps you coming and going.


Leather naturally has some give or stretch and that helps to shock absorb some of the incoming force when catching the ball.


Leather in general, but especially the leather in the Rock-it Pocket will provide friction for and grab the ball so that it can roll and pick up momentum for better ball control on the release. 


The leather strips attach through holes in the scoop and then back in at the throat area near the base of the head. The leathers go into the pocket-less head first, and the 4 leathers together begin to define the future Rock-it Pocket shape. The polyester is then woven around and locked into the leather to create the perfect place in the stick for a lacrosse ball to call home.


Head Color: White
Accent: Blue
Accent: Red
Stringing: Rock-it Pocket
Leather Color: White
Top Shooting String: Blue
2nd Shooting String: Blue
3rd Shooting String: Brown
4th Shooting String: White
Left Sidewall: White
Right Sidewall: White
Head Manufacturer: Brine
Head Name: Clutch SuperLight


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